NU’EST to Take Fans on a Valentine’s Day Movie Date Event

Pledis Entertainment‘s rookie boy group NU’EST seems to know all the right ways to make the hearts of their new fans sway, as they’ve prepared a sweet date in celebration of Valentine’s Day with their fans!

To thank fans for their love and support even before their debut, NU’EST will be asking each of their fans on a date through a special event at a movie theater. Further details will be posted later on their official fancafe and Facebook, so for those in Korea, keep a look out!

Pledis Entertainment said, “Aside from this, we’re preparing other events for the boys to meet their fans before their debut so please give them your interest and attention.” 

If you haven’t been keeping up, NU’EST is a new five member boy group. Their name is a combination of NU (new), Establish, Style, and Tempo. NU’EST will be debuting in March!