SHINee to Release Live Concert Album on February 1

On February 1 SHINee will release their live concert album. The album contains the music from their first concert. The album contains the live music from “SHINee THE 1st CONCERT SHINee World.” This concert was held on January 1-2 of 2011.

The album will be made up of two CDs which contain a total of 34 tracks. Among these tracks are new versions of “Juliet,” “Ring Ding Dong,” and “Lucifer.” The album also contains hit songs such as “Nuna You Are Too Pretty,” “You Are Like Air,” and “Hello.”

The album also contains the music from the solo performances of the members: Onew’s “Nessun Dorma,” Jonghyun’s “Girls,” Key’s “My First Kiss,” Minho’s “OMG” and Taemin’s “Boy Meets Girl.”

SHINee’s Key will be taking the stage for the Korean version of the Broadway musical “Catch Me if You Can,” that will open in Seoul on March 28 and will run until June.

Here is a clip of Onew singing “Nessun Dorma”: