f(x) Sulli Knits Super Junior Heechul a Muffler

Yesterday, Super Junior’s Heechul revealed that labelmate f(x)’s Sulli gifted him a personally-knit muffler. He tweeted, “Sulli knitted me a muffler and gloves for my Christmas present. My little sister Sulli, thanks ^ ^ Sulli is the man~” He also attached a photo, showing off his new scarf. Judging from their outfits, the photos were taken the same day as the ones he and Sulli posted on their SNS two days ago following their movie outing.

In the photo, Sulli and Heechul are smiling at the camera, each holding one end of Sulli’s personally-knit muffler.

Netizens commented, “Sulli! You’re amazing ^ ^ What can’t you do?” “Such good-looking labelmate siblings,” and “Awww Sulli! Knit me a muffler as well~”