K. Will Comes Back with "I Hate Myself"

K. Will has made his comeback with his new single, “I Hate Myself.”

On January 30, K. Will released “I Hate Myself,” which is composed by the legendary producer Kim Do Hoon and composer Min Yeon Jae, famous for hitmakers such as 4men‘s “I Can’t” and “To Live at Least Once.” They have also worked with numerous artists, such as Wheesung, Lee Seung Gi, C.N. Blue, and Baek Ji Young. So it’s natural that this next song was highly anticipated.

The sounds of the melody, combined with powerful lyrics and K. Will’s special vocals will no doubt be pleasing to the ears. The song is the story about how he parts with a lover and lives monotonously. Eventually, he realizes that he cannot forget her and begins to (as the title says) “hate himself.”

Are you ready for K. Will’s comeback?