Sunny Hill Gives Jang Hyun Advice About Entering Military Service "Stay Away from SNSD"

The ladies of Sunny Hill left a special message for fellow member Jang Hyun, who will be enlisting in the army for his mandatory two years of service this year. 

Jang Hyun recently withdrew from the group’s “The Grasshopper Song” promotions to commit to his duties to his country. Jubi, Seungah, Kota, and Misung said to him, “Don’t worry about us here and make sure you’re safe. We’ll work hard to succeed so that you will be loved by your seniors in the army. Until then, don’t turn your eye to SNSD and don’t wear your boots backwards.”

They continued, “We know that you’re worried about forgetting your composing skills, but we don’t think you have to. They say that soldiers listen to more music frequently, and if that’s not enough, we’ll send you music CDs regularly.” 

As we all know, SNSD is the one of the most well-loved groups for soldiers in the army, so it’s a cute and playful jab that they mention the girl group in their letter. Sunny Hill considers themselves sisters/family to Jang Hyun, which is why they make the note. 

Jang Hyun will be enlisting today, January 31, as an active duty soldier. Through Loen Entertainment, he greeted fans, “I’ll be healthy and return well.”