Seo Taiji Fans to Create a Seotaiji Forest in Brazil

Seo Taiji fans are creating a Seotaiji Forest in order to celebrate his 20th anniversary since debuting. The fans have given their official statement regarding the Seotaiji Forest Project on January 31 through the Seo Taiji official homepage.

The president of the Seotaiji Forest Project stated, “After talking about Seotaiji’s 20th anniversary in 2010, amongst the fans we decided to start the Seotaiji forest project. Through the documentary ‘Tears of the Amazon’ it was a big shock in South Korea that the amazon was being damaged. Thinking about Seo Taiji’s Echo Project, we decided to have a long term ‘building a forest project.’”

The president also stated, “Deforestation is a worldwide problem, we decided not to build a forest in South Korea because of the problem of having to buy land.”

After the fans decided to go on with the project, after doing research they decided to join in on the British WLT (World Land Trust) group. The Seotaiji Forest Project will be carried out in Brazil’s Guapi Assu which only has 7% of its original forest size.

On December 31, 2011 they finished collecting the donations and they managed to gather a whopping 39,000$.