"49 Days’" Nam Gyuri Shares More Photos from the Set of her New Drama

As previously reported, singer actress Nam Gyuri is currently in China, busy filming her upcoming Chinese drama “My Forgetful Girlfriend” with Jang Woo Hyuk and Chinese actor Ga Nae Ryang. Story Entertainment recently revealed new photos of the actress in between takes of her latest drama. The photos were taken at an indoor tennis court, and Nam Gyuri looks lovely as usual. Her bright pinkish orange tracksuit jacket, short mini tennis skirt, and her ponytail added a spunky element to the pretty, delicate star.

Nam Gyuri also updated her fans, “It’s hard filming in an unfamiliar environment, but I’m working hard in order to make a good drama for my Chinese fans. Please continue to cheer for me.” Netizens commented, “Nam Gyuri is getting prettier and prettier by the day,” “It’s nice seeing her put her best effort into her work,” “I wish they aired her Chinese drama in Korea as well,” and “I can’t wait to see her new drama.”

“My Forgetful Girlfriend” is a romantic comedy about a series of funny encounters that results when the female lead (Nam Gyuri) loses her memory. Nam Gyuri will be playing a beautiful billionaire heiress who loses her memory and moves into the male lead’s house as a nanny.

“My Forgetful Girlfriend” is aiming to premiere sometime this spring in China.