Restaurant Owner of Sohee and Seulong’s Dating Spot Didn’t Think They Were Lovers

On the January 31 broadcast of SBS “Good Day,” a crew of reporters went to a restaurant in Kangnam, Seoul, where Wonder Girls’ Sohee and 2AM’s Seulong were spotted having a meal together.

The reporter asked the owner of the restaurant, “Did they have a meal here?” and the owner answered, “Yes, they did. It was about three in the morning when they came.”

The reporter continued by asking, “It looks like the two of them were seated in an open area. They didn’t seem to care about being spotted by people.” The owner then replied, “It seemed to be the case. It means that they had nothing to hide. Otherwise, they would have done the opposite and hid. Just by looking, you wouldn’t have known if they were dating.”

When asked about what Sohee and Seulong ordered, the owner explained, “They had a bowl of noodles for each, talked a bit then ate and left. From the look of it, I didn’t think they were dating.”

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment both stated when the news broke out, “It’s true that both are close friends but they aren’t involved in a romantic relationship.”

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