"The Moon that Embraces the Sun" Lee Min Ho Reveals His Favorite Female Celeb

“The Moon that Embraces the Sun” actor Lee Min Ho revealed that he is a fan of IU.

On the January 31 broadcast of MBC “Feel Good Day,” Lee Min Ho made the honest confession during the interview corner of the show.

That day, when asked if there were a female celebrity he was interested in, Lee Min Ho honestly answered, “I’ve been asked this question a lot these days. I’ve became a fan of IU’s recently. I love the cute girl type.”

When the reporter asked if he liked older women, he replied, “I like noonas too. I also have noona fans.”

Meanwhile, the actor’s height was also revealed in this episode. The production crew of the show specially prepared measuring instruments for Lee Min Ho. He was surprised at first but finally gave in, and his height came out to be 180cm.

After his height was taken, Lee Min Ho told the journalist, “Let’s sit now,” bringing laughter to the studio.