Kang Ho Dong Talks for the First Time since Retirement

Kang Ho Dong talked for the first time with Korean press since his retirement last September. Local media Y-Star was able to speak with the former show host, after staking out in front of his apartment for hours last week.

In the video, Kang Ho Dong seems to have lost some weight. Wearing a black padding jacket and sweat pants, Kang Ho Dong seemed to be at ease, despite the reporter’s unexpected approach. He greeted the reporter with a big smile, saying, “You must be working very hard.”

He didn’t forget to send his greetings to the fans, as he said, “Happy New Year.” However, when asked about his plans to return to showbiz, he declined to answer by only mentioning, “I have an appointment and my family members are here, so please excuse me. Happy New Year. Thank you.”

The reporter followed up by telling him, “I hope to see you soon. Hope to see you on TV soon,” but he only gave a smile as he rushed off in his car.

Netizens commented, “It’s great to see his smile again,” “I miss so much,” and “It seems like his return is really close.”

You can see the full video by Y-Star below. Kang Ho Dong shows up at the 4:16 moment!