Brian Apologizes for Calling Super Junior’s Siwon a Kleptomanic

Singer Brian apologized for playfully calling Choi Siwon a kleptomaniac during a broadcast.

On the episode of “World Changing Quiz” that aired on January 28, Brian said, “Siwon would often take my clothes or hats that I bought from overseas and wear them without asking.” However, after this became a hot topic, Brian posted an explanation for what he said.

On  January 29, Brian posted on his Twitter, “He’s a dongseng that I love and care for so much so I was just joking around to make the broadcast more fun but I think I went a bit overboard – I’m deeply sorry. I hope no one will misunderstand.”

Brian continued to say, “Our Siwon is such a nice friend with great manners. Siwon, I’m sorry that I made people misunderstand. Siwon, I love you.”