Young Male Contestant on Variety Show "Hello" Receiving Love Calls from Famous Agencies

Jung Hyun Ho (age 13) was recently on the popular variety show “Hello for having “baby stress” and is currently receiving many love calls from many famous management agencies.

On January 31, sources from “Hello” stated, “After the episode aired, we started to receive love calls from about four to five famous entertainment agencies. There are no final decisions yet but we are discussing a meeting with these agencies. People will recognize these agencies right away.”

Jung Hyun Ho first appeared on “Hello” on the episode that aired on January 23. He shared his struggles of being the oldest of five children and his stress from having to take care of his siblings.

His cute and good looks, his distinguished and bright personality along with his exceptional talking skills captivated the hearts of the audience, the viewers and the emcees of the show as well. During the episode, many captures of the female audience smiling and carefully listening to Jung Hyon Ho were seen. After the broadcast, several fan cafes for Jung Hyun Ho were made in various Internet portal sites like Naver and Daum.

Many viewers left comments on the “Hello” webpage such as “I think he will do well as an idol. He’s cute and handsome,” “His first appearance was nice but he’s even a good talker and has a warm heart. What a great son,” “I want to have a son like that,” and more.

Jung Hyun Ho is still holding the number one spot with his “baby stress” problems on the show for the second week in a row.