JYJ Jaejoong Apologizes for Cancellation of Documentary Release in Theaters

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong apologized to the fans about the cancellation of “The Day” their documentary screening.

On January 31 Jaejoong tweeted, “As much as I’m sorry, I will lift up my head and run even harder.” His tweet came after the news of the cancellation of their documentary release in theaters was revealed.

“The Day” is a documentary following the lives of the JYJ members.

A representative of JYJ stated, “CGV didn’t explain further and broke the contract, and then notified us about the cancellation of the documentary screening.” he then added “We will assert our rights and fill a complaint to the Fair Trade Commission and the Grievance Committee.”

However CGV’ side commented, “We didn’t agree to the movie screening. We found out there was an issue while discussing the contract.”

Netizens saddened by the news said, “You don’t have to be sorry,” ‘Our proud JYJ!!! Be Strong,” “Oppa there’s no need for you to be sorry.”

Meanwhile, JYJ’s agency CJES Entertainment is currently trying to find other theaters to release the documentary.