Moon that Embraces the Sun: Lee Min Ho’s First Kiss

Lee Min Ho revealed his past with actress “Kim Yoo Jung.”

On the “Strong Heart” episode that was broadcast on January 31, Lee Min Ho stated, “I was a lover of Kim Yoo Jung on ‘Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho.’”

At the time Lee Min Ho was in his second year of high school and Kim Yoo Jung was in 5th grade. Lee Min Ho was very nervous about doing his first kiss scene and because he was so nervous he always gargled after eating. Up until the day of the actual filming, he also watched kiss clips.

However, when the actual kiss scene began Kim Yoo Jung was a lot more relaxed than Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho stated, “Yoo Jung already had a kiss experience and she led me. She told me about things like camera angles.”

(Both Lee Min Ho and Kim Yoo Jung appear on “Moon that Embraces the Sun”)

Lee Min Ho also said, “Kim Yoo Jung who was my lover on that drama, is now the lover of somebody else on ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun,’ honestly it made me a bit jealous.”