Miryo Releases Full Version Music Video of “Dirty”

Miryo released the full version music video of her song “Dirty.”

The song itself is about a lover that she is disgusted of because of his changing behavior. Miryo ends up saying that the lover is dirty. Now she is not going to care about the guy anymore.

The music video shows Miryo who is in a coma, but she is aware of everything going on. Her friend and her lover seem to be having an affair right in front of her eyes. At the end Miryo gets what she wants as everyone she disliked in the music video ends up sprawled on the floor.

As we reported earlier, her new album “MIRYO aka JOHONEY” will have five tracks and features popular artists such as SNSD’s Sunny, LeeSsang’s Gary, and BEG Narsha.

The songs are:

1) Party Rock (Feat. LeeSSang’s Gary, The Koxx)


3) Love You Love You (Feat. SNSD’s Sunny)

4) Revenger (Feat. Rude Paper)

5) Leggo (Feat. BEG’s Narsha)

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