SPICA Kim Bo Hyung Used to Be a Trainee with 2NE1

It has just been revealed that Kim Bo Hyung of SPICA used to be a trainee of 2NE1. SPICA gained attention for being a part of Lee Hyori’s agency. Lee Hyori even appeared in their music video for “Doggedly.”

Kim Bo Hyung is the lead vocals for SPICA and she trained with 2NE1 for over two years at YG Entertainment. In an interview on January 31 she stated, “I used to be a trainee with the four members of 2NE1. Then it was decided that 2NE1 would be made into a four member group. The CEO YG introduced me to Loen Entertainment and I am now a member of SPICA.”

Kim Bo Hyung deliberately did not speak about this fact because it would seem like she was using it to gain popularity.

She continued, “I learned a lot of things at YG Entertainment. I learned from 1 to 10. When I watch clips of myself at a trainee at YG I know what things I needed work on. I will improve on these things and perform better with more maturity in SPICA.”