“Running Man’s” PD Addresses Questions Regarding Song Ji Hyo and Gary’s Monday Couple Relationship

With C-Jes Entertainment’s confirmation regarding Song Ji Hyo’s relationship with CEO Baek Chang Joo, many fans expressed their concerns regarding SBS’sRunning Man’s” much-loved Monday couple.

“Running Man’s” director, Jo Hyo Jin revealed, “I just recently found out about Song Ji Hyo’s relationship. We completed recordings for this week yesterday, January 30. There is a possibility that the other cast members knew about Song Ji Hyo’s relationship because they’re all very close. However, the crew had no idea.” Regarding the Monday couple, he stated, “The Monday couple concept was not something the writers nor the producers came up with. It was something that developed naturally by the cast as the show progressed. So, it’s not really up to us [producers] to alter the concept.” He added, “But now that Song Ji Hyo has gone public, I’m sure there will be gradual changes to the dynamic of the Monday couple.”

Song Ji Hyo and Gary are known as the Monday couple. The two would entertain their co-stars and fans by showing interest in each other, especially on Mondays – the primary recording day for the show.