Film Industry Reporters Pick "Crucible" As 2011’s Best Film

Film industry reporters of the Korean Film Reporters Association (KOFRA) awarded the film “Crucible,” which deals with a sensitive subject about sexual abuse of deaf students at Kwangju In Hwa School, as the “Best Film of the Year” at the 3rd “KOFRA Film Awards.” 

KOFRA Film Award Winners

At the 3rd “KOFRA Film Awards,” Director Kang Hyung Chul of the film “Sunny” won the Best Director award, and Kim Yoon Seok and Tang Wei were awarded as the Best Leading Actor and Actress. Kim In Gwon won the Best Supporting Actor award with his heartbreaking portrayal of a colonized and defeated soldier caught in the middle of World War II from the movie “My Way.” Lee Je Hun won the Best New Actor award for playing the lead role in “Bleak Night.” Special awards “Discovery Award” and “Influential Film Industry Individual Award” went out to “Wandukgi’sYoo Ah In and “Madangeul Naon Amtak’s” producer Shim Jae Myung. 

Check out the trailer of the “Crucible,” the “Best Film of the Year” winner of the 3rd KOFRA Film Awards!