Shinhwa’s Jun Jin Appears in MV for Eric’s Girl Group Stellar

Jun Jin is making an appearance in the music video of Stellar. Jun Jin has been paying close attention to Stellar as they are produced by fellow Shinhwa member, Eric. When he heard that Stellar needed an actor for their upcoming music video, Jun Jin volunteered to take the part, even in the middle of his hectic preparations and practices for Shinhwa’s grand comeback. 

Jun Jin is taking care of Stellar and trying to support them whenever he gets a chance. Currently, Jun Jin and Stellar are sharing a dance studio and he watches Stellar’s training very attentively whenever their practice times overlap, giving advices as their senior and a fellow singer. Moreover, he stayed after he was done filming his part for Stellar’s music video to monitor the whole process. 

Stellar’s music video featuring Jun Jin is to be released sometime in the February. Jun Jin will reunite with Shinhwa and his fans in March through Shinhwa’s 14th anniversary concert. 

Jun Jin in Stellar's New MV