ZE:A’s Siwan Never Had a Girlfriend

ZE:A‘s Siwan confessed on SBS “Strong Heart” that he has been single all his life. When MC Lee Seung Gi commented that Siwan looked like he would have been very popular in school, his response surprised everyone. Siwan said, “I wasn’t popular at all. My parents told me that I could date later if I study hard now, and I believed them word by word. Now that I look back at it, I think I could’ve dated if I wanted to.” 

Surprised by Siwan’s lack of experience in the dating world, one of the fellow guests asked about his first love. Siwan answered that he has never had a first love, either. He added, “My goal of the year is to make a girlfriend.” Some female guests seemed to be smitten by such a comment of Siwan. Lee Min Ho, who was on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” with Siwan, added that when he asked about idol’s dating lives, Siwan answered, “You could do it if you want to. But I don’t want to.”

Along with his surprising confession, Siwan also showed cute girl-group dance moves on this episode of “Strong Heart.”