Goo Hye Sun to Retire from Acting After "Take Care of Us, Captain" Ends?

Actress Goo Hye Sun has shown interest in entering the field of movie production rather than acting. She has been showing her talents through the small screens for a while, but it has been reported that she told people around her, “I think ‘Take Care of Us, Captain‘ might be my last drama as an actress.”

Goo Hye Sun is currently playing Han Da Jin, a novice pilot, in “Take Care of Us, Captain.” Before she started this drama, she stated, “I know people say that I look the same in every drama. They might get sick of the same type of character that is portrayed through myself every time.” Then, she was asked why she chose this particular role that seems so similar once again. To that she answered, “I wanted to hear, ‘If Goo Hye Sun is in the drama, it will be piece of work that is filled with dreams and hope.'”

However, despite Goo Hye Sun’s optimistic outlook, the viewers’ responses were lukewarm to cold. Viewers are saying that her acting in previous dramas such as “The King and I,” and “Boys Over Flowers,” seem to be the same. So it’s no wonder that Goo Hye Sun’s dilemma about this is further escalating.

Goo Hye Sun already has past experiences with short film productions. She started directing with the short film, “The Madonna” in 2008 and continued to direct in full-length films like “Magic,” “The Peach Tree,” and “You.” Her name as a director further rose as she received an invite to the Moscow Short Film Festival.

Sources say, “Since she is an actress with many talents, she has many thoughts. Even on the set of ‘Take Care of Us, Captain,’ she is called ‘Director Goo’ since she has so much interest in the production process.”

Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun will participate for the “Take Care of Us, Captain” soundtrack. The track is called, “Fly Again” and it is composed and written by Goo Hye Sun herself. “Fly Again” will be revealed through online music portal sites on February 3.

Check out the teaser below: