Stills from Won Bin’s "Chris, Christy" Photo Shoot

Stills from top star Won Bin’s photo shoot for the 2012 Chris, Christy spring/summer line have been released.

The shoot took place in a sunny cafe at Samchung-dong and despite the cold weather and the tedious hours, Won Bin stayed bright and positive throughout the process. He gave his best poses and smoldering eyes to send out a message for each cut.

Won Bin elevated his elegant, classy and trendy image by wearing several pieces such as a trench coat, a suit, colorful cropped pants and more. His short bob is difficult to pull off, especially for men. Due to his stunning good looks, Won Bin managed to look edgy and masculine at the same time.

Sources from the shoot say, “These dramatic and movie-like stills and clips are bound to be a hot topic once they are released. You can look forward to seeing Won Bin.”

Check out the photos below: