Lee Seung Gi’s New Narration Project "The Romantic"

Lee Seung Gi will be taking on a narration project for tvN’s “The Romantic.”

“The Romantic” will be produced by a team of staff members who were also part of “1N2D.” Lee Seung Gi will be helping out with the narration due to his loyalty.

The show will be a love variety TV program about single men and women in their twenties and thirties. They will go on a trip to unfamiliar places, get to know each other and try to find true love. Since the production staff was thinking of a romantic comedy concept for the program, they thought that Lee Seung Gi’s soft and sweet voice would be perfect for the narration.

Lee Seung Gi has also been confirmed to join the cast of “The King,” which is to air after “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” in March. Recently, he signed a contract with Japan’s Universal Music and will make his Japanese debut. Despite Lee Seung Gi’s busy schedule in Korea and in Japan, he expressed his deep loyalty and friendship through this gesture.

The first episode of “The Romantic” will air on February 11.