Sohee Wants to Be Called “Fresh Sohee” and Wants “Future-Husband Luck”

Wonder Girls Sohee appeared on the February 1 broadcast of SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment.” She was a part of the “Straight Ball Interview.” When it was Sohee’s turn to answer questions, she had some interesting answers.

First Sohee was asked, “We heard that your nickname is ‘Chic Sohee’ what do you think about that?” Sohee replied, “I think that describes me well. But in reality, I am a very bright person.” The studio was filled with laughter.

Then Sohee was asked, “What adjective do you want to hear the most?” Sohee replied, “Refreshing…”

She was also asked, “According to ‘physiognomy’ there are three types of luck: future husband luck, money luck, and offspring luck. Out of these which one do you want the most?” Sohee paused for a minute before replying “future husband luck.”

On this interview were Jang Hyuk, DBSK’s Yunho, Lee Min Jung, and YB.