Se7en Launches "Movie Date with Se7en" Event

Fans will get a chance to have a movie date with Se7en!

On February 2 Se7en announced on his twitter and me2day, “This is a grand plan prepared by Se7en! LUCKY DAZ Project! The first event is finally revealed! ‘Movie Date with Se7en.’”

With the start of this “Movie Date,” Se7en plans on having more guerilla type events. During this movie date, Se7en is supposed to have a surprise event planned as well.

The movie date will be held on February 5 at 7PM on Sunday night at the Cheong Dam Cine City CGV.

Although the event seems like it would only be open to individuals located in Korea here are the directions:

1)       Retweet Se7en’s Twitter Event from (

2)       Send Your Name and Contact Info to (

The other way is:

1)       Send a reply to Se7en’s me2day (

2)       Send Your Name and Contact Info to (