Gong Hyo Jin Makes a Rare Music Show Appearance on "Sketchbook"

Top-notch actress Gong Hyo Jin made a rare music show appearance out of loyalty to a friend. Recently, Gong Hyo Jin recorded an episode for “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” singing “I Think I Love You” with the show’s featured guest MyQ.

MyQ’s fourth album track “I Think I Love You” features Gong Hyo Jin’s vocals in the released version. Producers stated, “Audiences responded well when Gong Hyo Jin started singing.”

The actress’s guest appearance on “Sketchbook” is her first for the program and her first music program appearance since “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” back in 2008. She rarely goes on music shows even to promote her movies. According to her management company, “Gong Hyo Jin went on ‘Sketchbook’ out of her loyalty to MyQ.” Her episode will air on February 10.

Meanwhile, singer Lyn will take over the “Touch More” segment of “Sketchbook” for a month. She is expected to rearrange and perform songs with guitarist Ham Chun Ho.