Yoon Si Yoon Cameos on "High Kick 3"

Rising star Yoon Si Yoon, who got one of his earlier breaks as part of the cast of the “High Kick” series, goes back to his roots with a cameo appearance in the currently airing “High Kick 3.”

According to local news agencies, Yoon Si Yoon is the latest “High Kick” graduate to make a guest appearance on “High Kick 3: Counter Attack of the Short Legs.” His cameo involves him playing a college student on the current season of the MBC sitcom.

Netizens, who caught a glimpse of Yoon Si Yoon in the end-credits as a preview of his appearance, expressed excitement and delight.

“High Kick 3” has already featured notable cameo appearances from past seasons’ cast members, like Jung Il Woo and Shin Se Kyung. Yoon Si Yoon’s cameo episode aired on February 2.