FUBU Releases More T.O.P. Photos

Fashion brand FUBU has released additional photos of Big Bang’s T.O.P. The photos also feature Seo Sang Young, the creative director of FUBU, who’s in charge of most of their design.

“It’s very rare to have both an idol star and fashion designer as main models for a clothing brand. We wanted to express popularity, product value, and professionalism through T.O.P. and Seo Sang Young,” FUBU said in a statement.

T.O.P. has always been noted for his hip and trendy style, receiving the love of many young fans. Seo Sang Young is the main designer at FUBU who’s responsible for coming up with the term, “Post Hip Hop.” The term is to define the latest trend in hip hop culture where the style has evolved from the old colorful design to the current tone down, more casual manner.

Check out FUBU’s official photos as well as some BTS shots found on online boards.