Netizens Compare IU’s Past Picture Touched Up with Current Make Up Look

A past picture of IU was uploaded on an online community board recently.

In the picture, IU is shown wearing minimal make up. She looks really young as she has a bit of baby fat on her face. The original poster of the topic retouched the picture with IU’s current make up look.

IU has been under fire after a past interview where she admitted to going under the knife surfaced. Her natural looks have been popular as her childhood picture and airport fashion were revealed online.

After comparing the original picture with the retouched picture, we obtained IU’s present look putting an end to the recent plastic surgery rumors. The original poster commented, “I retouched IU’s old picture with her current make up. She looks exactly the same.”

Netizens amazed by this commented, “Past IU isn’t different from the one we know,” “Your photoshop skills are amazing,” “How in the world were you able to do this?” and “This is indeed IU, always pretty.”

What do you think? Is IU a natural beauty?