T-ara’s Hyomin Shows Off a Variety of Emotions in Selcas

T-ara Hyomin shared a collection of amusing pictures on twitter.

She tweeted today, “I don’t know what is the reason behind this but I’ve been feeling very very very playful during our volunteering activity and at the musical today. Hohoho I’m sharing a set of six still cuts as a bonus while i was waiting for the musical performance~~!!!”

In the pictures, Hyomin is wearing a blue hat and a leopard patterned scarf. She showed off various expressions and emotions in each of the six pictures.

She must have been anxious before going up on stage and tried to find a way to relieve her stress.

Meanwhile, T-ara achieved an all-kill on music charts with their addictive single “Lovey Dovey.” They also won triple crown on music programs.

Netizens commented, “She is really pretty,”  “So cute I wanted to eat it too”, “Hyomin’s selcas are beautiful.”