Se7en Interview: Transformation from a Boy into a Man

(This article is a translation of Se7en’s interview with enews24)

It appeared that Se7en would always be a boy, however now he is nearing his thirties. He is a man who now has ease of mind and confidence.

Se7en started off by saying, “When I checked the music charts I was so happy. I am just thankful that people have not forgotten me, because it has been a long time since I returned to the music scene.”

Se7en stated that the moment he heard JYP’s song, he felt like it would do well.



“We talked about working together with JYP while eating dinner as a joke. However, JYP, YG, and I were together and heard the song, (When I Can’t Sing). JYP stated that it was a song that he was keeping because it was precious, the moment I heard it, it was so good I immediately said that I wanted to sing it.”

There was also a funny story behind receiving the song. Se7en said, “JYP said that he was going to sing it and said that he didn’t want to give it to me. Regardless, I kept nagging him to give me the song. I think I made the right decision. Haha.”

Se7en learned why JYP emphasizes honesty so much in music, while working with JYP.

Se7en stated, “Now through SBS K-Pop Star a lot of people know that YG puts on emphasis on a person’s feeling. He looks for charisma, talent, and feel. However, JYP always emphasizes honesty. It is hard to say which style is better, but through recording ‘When I Can’t Sing,’ I realized what he meant by honesty.”

He continued, “From the start of the album I did everything on my own. Perhaps that is why I feel a lot more attachment for this album.”

Se7en finished by describing what kind of singer he would like to be.

“The last 10 years went by without any big up and downs. Some people might say that ‘He didn’t make it in the U.S.’ but for me personally that was a good time. I got to learn singing and dancing and also learned more about individuality and responsibility. I was a boy before I left for the U.S. but when I returned I became more mature. That is why I want to focus on being a good and confident senior for my junior singers, rather than popularity.”