Won Bin’s Cute and Chubby Past

The actor Won Bin’s past pictures were revealed. They show an adorable and chubby Won Bin!

The pictures show Won Bin when he was in elementary school. His cheeks are puffy but it appears as though he suddenly loses weight when he gets older.

The younger pictures show that his good looks haven’t changed much.

Netizens commented, “I think that was the fattest Won Bin has ever been in his whole life,” “OMG he is so cute even when he is chubby,” “Even though he’s chubby you can still see Won Bin’s features,” and “He has been doing photoshoots since he was young.”

Currently Won Bin is doing photoshoots for different brands such as “Chris, Christy,” and “K2.” Won Bin is currently reviewing the next acting project he will do.