Luna to Appear As a Newlywed Wife

f(x) Luna is appearing as a newlywed wife on the weekend drama “Go! Mrs. Go!” Luna plays the daughter “Seo In Young” of “Go Bong Shil.” (Portrayed by Kim Hae Sook)

!Warning Spoiler!

In episode 16, “Jaesoo” (Portrayed by Yoon Joon Sung) is in love with Luna’s character. On the episode, “Jaesoo” imagines living with Luna’s character. As the pictures show, Luna is shown to be a loving wife who cooks, is loving, and adorable.

Netizens that have come across the transformation stated, “Is Luna going to get married?” “She is really the romantic ideal of men! She is so lovely,” and “Just looking at her makes me have a father’s happy smile.”

“Go! Mrs. Go!” broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday.