Park Ji Yoon To Comeback After Three Years

Park Ji Yoon is coming back after three years of inactivity. She recently released her new single, “Quiet Dream” on various online music sites. Park Ji Yoon herself wrote “Quiet Dream” with the editing help of Yong Lin from the band Dear Cloud. The song has poetic words and lyrical melody. Park Ji Yoon has been missing in action since the release of her 7th album, “Flower, Again the First Time” back in 2009. Her fans will be able to see her more often this time around as her new album is coming soon and she will be on tvN’s “Opera Star 2012.” 

Park Ji Yoon debuted back in 1997. Under JYPE‘s management, she thrived as a sexy idol. However, she soon vanished into thin air once her contract with JYPE ended. In 2007, she came back to the music industry as more of a “musician” than a sexy idol with the single, “Secret Garden.” 

Netizens and fans are welcoming Park Ji Yoon with open arms. Many wished her the best of luck and showed high expectations on the music review section on music websites like Melon and Bugs. The song “Quiet Dream” teases the official release of Park Ji Yoon’s 8th album, which is scheduled for release in mid-February. 

Check out the teaser of Park Ji Yoon’s newest song, “Quiet Dream” below: