Police Called to Deal With Crowd at Teen Top Fan Signing Event

Teen Top’s popularity is responsible for paralyzing a shopping center in Gwangju. On February 1, Teen Top met with their fans at a fan meeting in a local music store in Chungjang-ro, Gwangju. The area was immobilized due to the immense size of the crowds which gathered for the event.

Prior to the signing, eager fans lined up outside the store hoping to get a glimpse of Teen Top. After the event, Teen Top had to remain inside thestore for close to an hour due to the crowd that accumulated.

The congestion caused by the crowd of fans also aroused complaints from neighbors. Authorities were dispatched after a number of other establishments in the area filed complaints. Once the police arrived, they were able to bring order to the ensuing mob of fans, and the members of Teen Top were finally able to leave.

An employee of the music store commented, “We hosted many fan signing events in the past, but we have never seen a crowd as large as this. I was quite shocked at the popularity of Teen Top.”

Teen Top hopes to one day conquer the music world; lately their popularity has been on the rise as they continue to promote their latest hit track, “Going Crazy.”