SNSD’s Jessica Receives Mixed Responses for her Acting

After last night’s episode of KBS’sWild Romance” aired, SNSD’s Jessica received both praise and criticism for her acting skill. In the tenth episode, Kang Jong Hee (Jessica) undergoes a severe seizure after she finds her cat brutally killed. She starts shaking violently and shouting nonsensically, and a heartbroken Mu Yeol (Lee Dong Wook) tries to calm her down by holding on to her and comforting her. 

The scene revealed a completely different Jong Hee than the bright and cheerful girl viewers were introduced to in previous episodes. While she didn’t receive much criticism when she portrayed the happy-go-lucky Jong Hee, Jessica received mixed responses from fans for her “seizure act.”

Some commented on her awkward expressions and lacking acting skill, stating, “You call this a seizure? I wouldn’t have known had they not told us,” “It must be hard for her because she joined the drama later, but she still should have studied her character and craft a bit more,” “She’s simply trying to act pretty,” and more.

Others defended the singer, “She’s improving every day. I can’t wait to see more of her,” “As an idol, she’s definitely doing a great job,” and “I was drawn into her emotions during her seizure scene.”