Miryo’s “Dirty” Banned for Lyrics Containing “Cross-Eyed”

Miryo’s solo debut track, “Dirty,” has been ruled “inappropriate for broadcasting” by MBC and KBS, it was reported on February 3. According to local reports, the Brown Eyed Girls’ rapper received a notice from the two broadcasters for the lyrics of the song, containing the word, “cross-eyed.” They said the word “cross-eyed” has negative connotations and could be perceived as a derogatory term for the disabled.

“We’ve decided to accept the rulings from broadcasters and change the lyrics of the song. But it will take some time to replace the word, so Miryo will sing a different song on KBS ‘Music Bank’ on February 3,” a representative for Miryo said. Miryo gave a performance of “Leggo” instead on “Music Bank.”

The controversial verse from “Dirty” reads, “Oh my, all these young girls, pretty girls are here…I see your eyes rolling, you might become ‘cross-eyed,’ watch out boy.”

You can hear the full song below in the music video for “Dirty.”