Moon Hee Joon Has No Idea What Bill Gates Looks Like

Moon Hee Joon had his intelligence questioned on the February 3 episode of jTBC “Idol Premiere.” The former H.O.T member appeared alongside of ex-G.O.D member Son Ho Young for an on-the-spot quiz there they had to name the person appearing on the screen.

The first person to appear was Bill Gates, the former CEO and current chairman of Microsoft. Bill Gates’ picture showed up next to Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, and Moon Hee Joon was asked to pick the photo of the Microsoft founder. However, Moon Hee Joon just gave a confused look and said, “I swear to God I have no idea what he (Bill Gates) looks like.” Son Ho Young, likewise, said he knows who he is but doesn’t know his face.

Moon Hee Joon continued, “His shirt looks expensive,” and randomly picked Bill Gates’ picture. Son Ho Young also followed Moon Hee Joon, and ended up getting the correct answer without knowing who he was.

Meanwhile, Moon Hee Joon couldn’t name the popular cartoonist Kang Pool, who has a cult-like following in Korea. He looked perplexed and just repeated, “Kang Pool? What is it about? Is it a person’s name?”