Brown Eyed Girls To Sue Singer Kang Hyun Soo?

Popular girl group, Brown Eyed Girls, have expressed their displeasure at singer Kang Hyun Soo because he has been telling the press that he is Brown Eyed Girls’ vocal counselor.

An insider for the management company of Brown Eyed Girls (Nega Network) expressed their irritation with the fallacy with, “Yesterday, Kang Hyun Soo told the press that he is the music counselor to Brown Eyed Girls. It is not true. No one within the company nor the members have considered him as a vocal counselor.”

He continues with, “We tried to take care of the matters quietly by asking writers (of the false articles) to retract editorials but they refused. They continued to move forward with false information and tried to pass it off as true, making the members (of Brown Eyed Girls) feel dejected.”

The insider ended his statement with, “These articles are tarnishing the girls’ hard earned image as skilled musicians. We will take legal measures against him (Kang Hyun Soo) if he does not retract his statement and apologize.”


Singer, Kang Hyun Soo, has issued a public apology to Brown Eyed Girls.

Singer, Kang Hyun Soo apologizes

On February 2, a close friend of Kang Hyun Soo gave the false information to the press. He said that Kang Hyun Soo, with the opening of his new music academy, said, “Brown Eyed Girls have promised to come for vocal counseling.”

Hearing this, Nega Network released a statement on February 3, that what Kang Hyun Soo said was false and therefore, they will press charges.

Nega Network continued their statement with, “Ahn Jung Hoon, producer of Nega Network, has not said anything about Brown Eyed Girls getting vocal training, and he has not received any offers nor discussed any possibility of this with anyone. It is ridiculous how he (Kang Hyun Soo) is trying to gain publicity in this manner.”

Shortly after on February 3, Kang Hyun Soo’s company explained, “He has only talked with Ahn Jung Hoon about creating a new group. The press has overreacted and twisted the truth.”