Lee Seung Gi Reveals Japanese Album Jacket and Announces First Japan Concert

The nation’s little brother Lee Seung Gi unveiled the jacket of his Japanese debut album.

The singer plans to release his debut single titled “Time For Love” (“Alone In Love”) on March 6. Prior to the release of his first Japanese album, the singer revealed the jacket raising the anticipation of the fans.

In the released jacket, Lee Seung Gi displayed various sides of his everyday life through a collection of pictures. In one of the pictures Seung Gi is listening to music, while in another he seen holding a pen and a piece of paper, mirroring his life as a singer and his relationship to music and his fans. In the next set of pictures, the popular singer is having a piece of cake and a glass of orange juice and in the picture below drinking a cup of coffee. Finally, Seung Gi is shown holding a flower bouquet and in the last picture he is showing off a large smile and a tender expression.

Japanese fans have been impatiently waiting for the singer’s debut in the country and have shown great interest when his debut date was finally announced.

It has been revealed that Lee Seung Gi is scheduled to put on a special performance for fans in June at the Nippon Budokan Arena of Tokyo, a prestigious venue which has seen many popular artists perform such as Bob Dylan, Oasis, Quincy Jones and DBSK most recently. The venue can hold about 15 000 people.

The fact that Lee Seung Gi plans to have a concert for fans even before his debut in Japan proves his popularity among local fans. Usually, artists announce a concert when their popularity is already established in a country where they have been actively promoting their songs.

Lee Seung Gi, who is yet to debut in the country, will only have about three months to prepare his scheduled show. It shows the high ambition and determination of the singer who wants to make an impact in Japan.
The release of his first digital single will officially mark his debut in Japan.

Lee Seung Gi has been confirmed for the drama “The King” as the lead actor and will be focusing on this project before beginning his Japanese promotions.

His debut single will include the Japanese version of hit single “Time For Love” which is about a love confession, and the song “You’re My Friend” from his fifth album “Tonight.

Lee Seung Gi – You’re My Friend

Lee Seung Gi has been widely popular with his career as a singer but also as an entertainer and MC on variety shows. His acting has been receiving a lot of praise as well.

Are you excited for his Japanese debut?