New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 February Week 1

SE7EN – New Mini Album: Somebody Else (released)

01 Somebody Else
02 Angel
03 When I Can’t Sing
04 That Kind of Person
05 Relate
06 Make Good Love

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SE7EN, who is nearing ten years in the music industry returns once more with his second mini album. The singer has worked with various genres including hip-hop, R&B, and electronic, and this time around comes before fans with genres that showcase his vocals. The title track is “When I Can’t Sing” which was produced by JYP. SE7EN’s perfect vocals and harmonization can be seen in this song. Another song worth mentioning is “Somebody Else”, a Teddy and Taeyang joint composition. It is an electronic pop song with charming guitar riffs and powerful and addictive electronic sounds.


Miryo – Miryo Aka Johoney (released)

01 Party Rock (feat. Gary_Leessang, The Koxx)
02 Dirty
03 I Love You I Love You (feat. Sunny_SNSD)
04 Revenger (feat. Rude Paper)
05 Leggo (feat. Narsha_Brown Eyed Girks)

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Brown Eyed Girls’ rapper, Miryo makes a comeback this year with her first solo album, “Miryo aka Johoney”. The title track is “Dirty”, a Ichiro Suezawa composition. The song holds lyrics about feeling betrayed due to love. It is of the pop rock genre with playful lyrics about revenge. Also included in the album are “Party Rock” which features hot indie band, The Koxx, “I Love You I Love You” which features SNSD’s Sunny, and “Leggo” featuring Brown Eyed Girls’ own Narsha.


Jay Park – Vol. 1: New Breed (Feb. 9)

01 New Breed (INTRO)
02 Know Your Name
03 Girl Friend
04 Up and Down
05 I Love You
06 Go
07 I Got Your Back
08 Star
09 Come On Over
10 Turn Off Your Phone
11 Can’t Be Without You (Acoustic Version)
12 AOM&1llionaire
13 Enjoy the Show
14 Wasted
15 Clap

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Jay Park returns this year with his first full-length album titled, “New Breed”. The title track is “Know Your Name”, a pop euro dance number with hip-hop elements. It is expected to be a hit this year. There are a total of fifteen tracks of various genres such as electronic hip-hop, R&B, and dance in this album. Jay Park’s album is all the more anticipated due to Rob Knox’s participation in the album. Knox is a famous producer and composer who has worked with top artists along the likes of Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Britney Spears.


B.A.P – Warrior (released)

01 Burn It Up (Intro)
02 Warrior
03 Unbreakable
04 Secret Date (feat. Song Ji Eun of Secret)

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Rookie boy group, B.A.P debuts this year with their first album titled, “Warrior”. Their name is an acronym for “Best, Absolute, Perfect” and the band consists of six members including Bang Yong Gook and Zelo who have already took part in various songs already. The title track is “Warrior”, a strong hop-hop number with krump and rock elements. The song holds a message of changing the various problems happening in today’s society.


Spica Mini Album Vol. 1 – Russian Roulette (Feb. 9)

01 Fire
02 Up N Down
03 Russian Roulette
04 No more
05 Diary
06 Strong

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Rookie girl group, SPICA releases their first mini-album this month titled, “Russian Roulette”. The title track is of the same title and was co-composed by Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Su. It is a medim-tempo dance number with rock and electronica elements. The strong beats along with the guitar and string accompaniment makes the song all the more better. The song is about asking an ex-lover for one last chance to get back together.


K.Will (single) – Hate Myself (released)

01 Hate Myself
02 Hate Myself INST

K.Will returns after a year with a digital single, “Hate Myself” in midst of a new album. The song was composed by hit maker Kim Do Hun who has written songs for Baek Ji Young, Lee Seung Gi, CN Blue, Wheesung, as well as others. The lyrics on the other hand were written by Min Yeon Jae who has worked with 4men. This song is about not being able to live normally after a breakup.


Yong Jun Hyung (single) – Living Without You (released)

01 Living Without You

B2ST’s fans are in for a treat as rapper Yong Jun Hyung releases his solo number, “Living Without You”  a week after a new B2ST single, “Knew It Would Be Like This” was released. The song is of the hip-hop genre and was co-created by the rapper himself and Kim Tae Ju. The song is about a man’s feelings after breakup.


Other Releases:
Scary’p – Producizm (Feb. 7)
Shin Chi Rim – Episode 1: Travel (Feb. 7)
Beautiful Days – Vol. 4: Confession (Feb. 9)
Save the Air: Green Concert Vol. 2 (Feb. 9)

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