Beautiful Untouched Photos of Song Hye Gyo in France

Recent photos of Song Hye Gyo has spread across the web like wildfire. But the photos aren’t high editorial, sexy, or embarrassing paparazzi photos. They are, instead, untouched photos of Song Hye Gyo during her stay in France. The reason why these photos have become a hot issue is because her beauty is unmistakable even in non-photoshopped settings.

Even her untouched photos are flawless. 

On February 3, Song Hye Gyo uploaded many photos onto her internet fan site,Sunflower.” The photos were from back in October of last year when she visited Paris for a Chanel fashion show and Vogue editorial. In some of the photos, it showed Song Hye Gyo getting prepped and makeup for the editorial, whilst showing off her goddess-like stature.

Getting prepped for editorial and at the Chanel fashion show.

On others, you could also see how hot the French press was for an interview. Song Hye Gyo never lost her composure while surrounded by press for the Chanel Fashion Show proving once again of her star status.


Posing for the press at the Chanel fashion show.

Fans response, too, were immense. They praised her natural beauty with comments like, “Her natural face is so pretty,” “She is really a global star,” and “I can’t tell if she’s human or a doll.”

Currently, Song Hye Gyo is cast in a new movie (name to be announced) and will act with Zhang Ziyi. The movie will be directed by John Woo, a famous Taiwanese director.