Kim Tae Hee Is the Goddess of Photo Shoots

Actress Kim Tae Hee has participated in a lot of photo shoots in the course of her career. Through all these, she has always shown radiant beauty and is held as one of the ideal beauties of the entertainment industries. She lived up to this image once again in a photograph uploaded on a community board under the title, “Kim Tae Hee, No Embarrassing Pictures.”

The photo shows the actress in a recent shoot. In the picture, she is wearing a red frilly dress that would look unflattering on many but shows off Kim Tae Hee’s “goddess figure.” The dress is accessorized with a black fabric belt. Like a mannequin, Kim Tae Hee displays good proportions, thus making the dress look good.

Netizens who saw the photos said, “It’s Kim Tae Hee, which means it isn’t an embarrassing photo,” “Dress, thank Kim Tae Hee,” and other such comments.