1N2D Season 2 Promotions Begin Without Lee Seung Gi and Eun Ji Won

We previously reported that the date of the last recording of “1N2D” has been announced. The continuation of KBS hit variety show “1 Night 2 Days” has been garnering a lot of attention recently as it was announced that season 2 had officially started promotions through a preview.

More information has been released regarding season 2.

On February 4, a KBS news announcer revealed through a DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcast) on 1N2D’s future, “Kim C, Kang Ho Dong and Na Young Suk PD all left the show, but there will be a new season, please anticipate it.”

This notice was officially released by KBS and marks their first move regarding the second season of the program as well as confirms what we previously revealed.

Another important fact was released in the trailer. A caption saying “Lee Seung Gi, Eun Ji Won Goodbye~” was shown in the preview of the show’ season 2. With these two key members leaving, it is inevitable that the show’s dynamic will change.

KBS previously announced that they were in talks with possible candidates to join the show. Viewers and fans have shown great concern in regards of the end of the show and the season 2 as it was one of the longest running variety shows on Korean television.

KBS officials have been careful as not to reveal any sensitive information about the second season and its cast. However, KBS plan to hold a press conference about 1N2D season 2 and the recording date for the first episode has already been set.

The only equivalent of “1N2D” was SBS “Family Outing.” When the show’s original cast members and season one ended, SBS decided to keep the show for a second season with a new format and rules.

The question everyone is asking is, will season 2 be up to par with season 1? Or will it follow the path of “Family Outing” season 2?