Simon Curtis Obsessed with SNSD’s Soo Young

The American actor and singer-songwriter “Simon Curtis” is in love with SNSD’s Soo Young.

Simon Curtis put up a link of SNSD’s “Late Show with David Letterman” appearance on his twitter ( February 4. He also wrote, “My favorite member is the long haired girl who appears at the 41 second mark. What is her name?”

A follower told him that it was “Soo Young.” Then he said “Thanks guys! Now I can rave about obsessed I am with her. <3. She is the ULTIMATe.”

He also asked, “Does Sooyoung have a twitter?” and also wrote, “Ummm… kpop fans are beyond legit. I had no idea. Seriously blown away by the reaction to my girls generation stanning.”

Also on February 5 he wrote, “I love how my timeline has been filled with Sooyoung links for 24 hours now. Dying with Korean bubblegum love.”