T-ara Receives $1,000,000 Guarantee to Model for Chicken Chain

On February 6 Core Contents Media stated that the chicken chain “Brilliant Chicken” (Gi Bal Han Chicken) chose T-ara as their exclusive models. The guarantee for a one-year contract that T-ara will receive is a whopping $1,000,000. T-ara has an interesting contract with “Brilliant Chicken” because they will receive royalties for each increase of “Brilliant Chicken” restaurants.

A representative of advertising for “Brilliant Chicken” stated, “Although it was a bit different depending on the product and also what members were a part of advertisements, T-ara’s previous cost to appear in advertisements was around $400,000 ~ $500,000. “ It appears that within 6 months, their cost has nearly doubled.

“Brilliant Chicken” stated, “T-ara has a diverse age group for their fan base which ranges from people in their 10s to 60s. That is why we believe that T-ara is the right choice as models.

T-ara will release their third single album “Roly Poly” in Japan on February 29.