2AM Jinwoon is Busy Busy BUSY!

2AM’s Jin Woon has quickly become the ‘hot idol’ for 2012. When comparing the currently performing idol members, Jin Woon has been especially busy. So busy that even if he had ten duplicates of himself, he wouldn’t be able to complete his entire schedule!

Starting mid-January, 2AM has debuted into the Japanese market with the single, “Never Let You Go,” bringing in a new era of ballad k-pop idols into the country. But recently, he has moved on to acting, joining the ranks of many other ‘Acting Idols.’

Jin Woon has made is acting debut with KBS’sDream High 2,” which, in the beginning, had many people uncertain on how he would perform. But despite the worry, he is doing well for a newbie and safely walking on the road to becoming a great actor. In “Dream High 2” Jin Woon’s character is a troublemaker, Jin Yoo Jin, who dreams of becoming a rock star. His character may seem cold to the girl he likes, but inside he is warm and affectionate.

Jin Woon is currently spending five to six days filming “Dream High2.” In between takes, he is also working on the upcoming 2AM album, set to release mid-March.  

An insider from his company, Big Hit Entertainment, which co-manages the group with JYP Entertainment, stated, “He (Jin Woon) has many big solo and group projects lined up for the New Year.” The insider continued, “He was busy flying back and forth from Korea to Japan for Japanese promotions, his current schedule of filming and preparing for the new album is even more demanding.”