JYP Pimps Out His Ride

On February 6, Park Jin Young, founder and head of JYP Entertainment, revealed his new suped up car. With the photo at the bottom, JYP tweeted, “When do I have time to make music while shooting ‘5 million dollar man,’ ‘Dream High’ & ‘K-Pop Star’? Here’s my new ride~.”

In the picture, JYP is seen playing the piano in what looks to be the back of his van. In order to keep up with his tight schedule, involving a TV drama series, a live audition show, and a new movie, JYP had no choice but to create a built-in studio in the back of his car. The blue light and high-tech equipment are something you would only imagine seeing on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride.”

Netizens commented, “JYP looks the best when he does music,” “What songs have you produced in that car?” and “That is my dream car.”

Meanwhile, JYP has been starring in KBS drama “Dream High 2” as Yang Jin Man, while being one of the main judges for SBS “K-Pop Star.” He’s also filming for his movie debut, “Five Million Dollar Man.