Choi Ji Woo and Taecyeon Take a Striking Photo

Top actress Choi Ji Woo and 2PM’s Taecyeon were photographed together at an overseas promotion activity for a duty-free shop. On February 6, a photo of the two started to circulate on the Internet and the public through online community boards.

In the photos, the beautiful actress is a striking figure in a red dress made of soft fabric and black stilettos. 2PM’s rapper, meanwhile, matches up with her in a suit. The black and white of his outfit perfectly complements the bright one on Choi Ji Woo’s. It is rare for the elegant actress and the dashing idol to be caught in one frame. 

Netizens who have seen the pictures left comments such as “They are both appealing, no kidding,” “They glow even from afar,” and “They look like models.”