What Do Big Bang and “K-Pop Star” Su Pearls Have in Common?

In a recent interview with OSEN, YG Entertainment’s founder and chairman Yang Hyun Suk discussed for the first time why he almost shed tears on SBS “K-Pop Star.” On January 22, he admitted on the show that he was almost brought to tears after watching the Su Pearl’s performance. The reason was surprisingly because of the similarities he saw between Big Bang and Su Pearls, who was recently disbanded on “K-Pop Star” due to their superior performance skills.

“It was the second time that I almost shed tears since Big Bang’s very first showcase. Watching Su Pearls perform just brought me tears. It was just so touching to see someone who didn’t seem to have much potential show so much growth. Big Bang, likewise, heard a lot of concerns that they were too non-idol-like, but after seeing the huge crowd turnout and their responses at the very first show case, I was relieved. Big Bang worked so hard for it and to see their effort pay off was so emotionally touching that it brought tears to my eyes,” Yang Hyun Suk said.

During the January 22 episode of “K-Pop Star,” Yang Hyun Suk had to briefly stop his evaluation on the Su Pearls as he was emotionally touched by the drastic improvement in Lee Seung Joo’s vocal skills. “While seeing Lee Seung Joo, I almost cried. I don’t know what it was. Obviously all four did great, but my heart was too full for words after seeing Lee Seung Joo tonight. It was almost like discovering a gem in the sand. But you know what? I held it in. It’s embarrassing, you know?” Yang Hyun Suk said with a smile. 

You can see the full performance of Su Pearls that brought tears to Yang Hyun Suk below!